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If not kept under control Rabbit numbers can get into the

thousands.  It's good to know that Rabbits are a specialty

for us here at ALLPEST!


Control options available:



We have our own carrot cutter, screen and scratch ploughs.

With these, we can provide carrot based Pindone operations,

both aerial and ground based.



We offer night and day shooting, with competent,

experienced and honest staff.  We use fully kitted

quad bikes and a Hi-lux. In some situations  we will

shoot whilst on foot over flushing dogs. Depending

on circumstances, we also offer a shooting service

whilst using night vision.



A major aspect of Rabbit Management. We can inspect

your fences, identify any problems and repair any defects.

We can even build new fences from the ground up.



We have a history of providing gassing as an initial clearance operation but also as a maintenance operation. It is very

effective if carried out in the correct manner.



Is the ultimate if you have organic status.   We have or own

trained team, Stela and Jill.   We can use purse nets on each

hole or longnets to catch bolting rabbits. This is a traditional method which has been used for a few thousand years, so

we know it works!



We have a large collection of traps; Fenns, Cages, Leg holds

and Snares which we can use.  They are particularly useful

when populations are low, and can be used as a

“maintenance” approach.


Bed Bugs


These can be a real pain in more ways than one!


ALLPEST can rid you of these around your home or garden.

We can treat the next or supply Wasp traps.


Talk to us today....

Feral Animals



These are all abundant in Central Otago and

the Southern Lakes, we have some good

solutions for control and management.




Here at ALLPEST we are all about pest control and management.

We are professional, experienced and local.


From time to time we all receive unwanted visitors, but don't worry ALLPEST can help, eradication of Rodents, Birds, Feral Animals, Rabbits, Spiders & Flies, Wasps and Beds Bugs.


With over 25 years in the industry ALLPEST are your best

choice for Domestic & Commercial pest problems.  Prompt

and professional, we can even turn up in unmarked vehicles

if required. We offer preventative contracts and also stock a

wide range of quality Pest Control Products for your own use.


So give us a call to discuss your pest control solution.

- Garry Hilton

Experienced Professionals


Roosting Birds can be a hygiene problem and their nesting material can be a fire risk.  Bird droppings are slippery to walk on, unsightly and transmit disease. Birds themselves are disease vectors and will compromise food safety.


Contact us to discuss an ALLPEST bird control solution for you.

Rodents affect our daily lives in several ways. Their incisor teeth grow continuously so they have to gnaw just to keep them short. This is fine unless its your power cables or water pipes!  They also eat and contaminate your food. Whilst spreading disease as they continually urinate and defecate.


We offer managed preventative programs for rodent control, fantastic for the hospitality, food and wine industries.  We also stock a variety of traps and bait stations products for domestic use.

Bed Bugs are surprisingly common in the Central Otago and Southern Lakes regions as a result of high visitor accommodation.


Bed Bugs require five blood feeds to develop of egg to adult. The duration is dependent on temperature ranging from 21 days at 30C to over a year at temperatures below 16C.


Bed Bugs can prove to be a challenge to treat. Success is achieved through thorough inspection, treatment, staff education and follow ups.

Qualified ND Game & Wildlife Management

Urban Pest Management

Spiders & Flies

The infamous White-Tailed Spider arrived from Australia over

100 years ago and now is common in Central Otago. It's poisonous bite is thought to cause reactions which include swelling and a persistent painful red lesion.


Other spiders leave unsightly webs that can make your house look like an 'Adams Family' set.  An ALLPEST spider treatment

can rid your home of spiders including white-tails and is warranted for one year.


No body wants a house fill of flies, they transmit disease and leave fly spots (fly vomit) on your walls, windows and light

fittings.  The average fly will have between 2 & 6 million

bacterial organisms on it's body.


ALLPEST can provide interior treatments and fly traps.

Together with good sanitation advice, your fly problem can become a thing of the past!

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